Training Opportunities

At Stanford Blood Center, we are committed to providing lucrative training and career development opportunities for our employees. Some of these opportunities include:

Fellowship & Residency

Through access to Stanford University faculty and resources, we are able to support advanced clinical care at our partner hospitals by directly impacting transplant and transfusion medicine.

Our MDs have been and remain vital to assessing and communicating risk in collaboration with infection control and regulatory organizations, and in formulating policy in dialogue with the hospitals.

Hospital on-call infectious disease MDs have historically been and are still staffed by SBC, further ensuring continuity of the donor and recipient sides of the industry.

We created a Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Program that is unique in the industry due to its immersive rotation throughout the blood center. Fellows work directly with our MDs on a variety of projects, and are especially instrumental in providing the patient usage data the blood center relies on for donor recruitment, and in coordinating and communicating issues that affect both SBC and SHC Transfusion Services.

We provide the Stanford School of Medicine Pathology Residency Program residents with an overview of the blood banking industry through general orientation and ongoing lectures.

Clinical Science Training

We participate in a full-time, one-year program with didactic and hands-on laboratory instruction in HLA testing. The Stanford University Clinical Histocompatibility Scientist Training Program (CHS) offers trainees the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge, technical skills and critical thinking in the area of Histocompatibility testing, and helps them to understand the application of these to clinical transplantation.

We also support local Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) training programs, providing a hands-on orientation to blood donor center operations at our facility.

Internal Training

At SBC, we are dedicated to supporting our employees. We value promoting from within, and aim to offer our employees plenty of opportunities to further develop their careers.

We offer ongoing internal training to RNs, Collections staff, and more. We also offer ongoing management training to develop core skills within our management staff.

Additionally, Stanford Health Care offers a generous stipend annually to each employee for job-related career development.