The Donation Process

Congratulations, you made an appointment to donate blood and save lives! So what happens now?

There are four basic steps to every blood donation:

Registration photo1. Registration

When you arrive at the blood drive or at our Donor Center for your appointment, a receptionist will take your name, address, telephone number, and verify identification. At this time you will also be asked to read donor education material and fill out a Medical History Form to determine your eligibility.

Medical History2. Medical History

We will take your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and a drop of blood to test your hemoglobin level to make sure you are eligible to give blood. You will also be asked confidential questions about your medical history to be sure that the donation is safe for you and that your blood is safe to transfuse to others. This is also a great time to schedule your next appointment!

The Donation3. The Donation

After preparing the puncture site, we will insert a sterile needle — you should feel only a slight pinch. Approximately one pint of blood is drawn through the needle into a plastic bag. The entire whole blood donation only takes 5 to 10 minutes*.

Rest and Refreshment4. Rest & Refreshments

After the blood donation is complete, you will be asked to rest for 15 minutes and eat some light refreshments (cookies and juice!) before resuming your normal activities. Most donors feel perfectly fine afterward.

*The length of the donation process varies depending on the type of blood product you donate.

Please note the following SBC visitor policies:

For safety, no one under 16 may enter the collection and canteen areas. Children must stay in the waiting area.

For confidentiality, please refrain from taking photos, video or audio.

For everyone’s safety, bicycles are not allowed inside donor centers. Please bring your own lock and use the bicycle racks outside.