Donor Recognition & Rewards

At Stanford Blood Center, we love to celebrate our donors! If you have donated blood with Stanford Blood Center, you’ve been enrolled in our Loyalty Program. For each donation (or attempt to donate), you’ll be awarded points that you may redeem in our online store. You’ll also have online access to your historical vital statistics such as hemoglobin and blood pressure, as well as donation history. It’s our way of thanking donors for their generous support of our community’s patients.

Donation Point System

If you are a whole blood, platelet or plasma donor, points are earned on this schedule, per donation, within a calendar year:

  • Visit 1 = 100 points
  • Visit 2 = 125 points
  • Visit 3 = 150 points
  • Visit 4+ = 175 points

If you donate double red blood cells (DRBC), points are earned on this schedule, per donation, within a calendar year:

  • DRBC Visit 1 = 200 points
  • DRBC Visit 2 = 225 points
  • DRBC Visit 3+ = 250 points

NEW: Bonus Points!

In order to incentivize donations when and where we most need them most for patients, we are offering additional points for the following:

  • Center Visit = 50 points
  • Appointment Scheduled and Kept = 25 points
  • Time of Day (12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m., +/- 10 minutes) = 25 points

Donors can choose to redeem points for SBC branded items in our Donor Loyalty Store or can donate their points back to one of our community partners.

Donor Milestone Program

In addition to our Loyalty Program and rewards store, we take great joy in cheering on our donors as they reach incredible milestones of service to their community. On the day of the milestone donation (100+, 200+, etc.), we indulge in a little celebration and lots of good conversation with some of the best people we have the pleasure to know.

Precious Mettle Breakfast

All donors who reach the milestone of 100+ donations are invited to our annual Precious Mettle Breakfast.

Below are group photos from the 2018 breakfast. You can click on the group photo below to open a high-resolution version, then right-click to save the photo to your computer.

Thank you, as always, to all of our Precious Mettle donors!