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Katie Dean: One Sentence That Changed My Life

Donating blood is a simple, selfless act that can profoundly impact someone’s life who needs blood. However, for Katie Dean, blood donation impacted her life unexpectedly on the day she decided to donate.

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Stanford Blood Center donors are incredible people! They come in as often as possible to give blood in support of local patients, and help inspire others to donate as well. Hear in their own words why blood donation is so important to them.


With everything we’ve been through over the last couple years, it feels SO good to be getting back to a little bit of normal. And, while we may not know yet what the “new normal” is, we know one thing for sure… throughout the pandemic, the need for blood never stopped. Every day, people just like you step up for their community and donate blood. But we need your help, too. So, make time to give blood and start a habit of saving lives today.

Patient Stories

Mr. Manmohan (Mohan) Mahal claims it has taken him over twenty years to understand his “journey.” It is because of this journey that he is now driven to give back to the world and inspire others. But first, he needed a change of heart. Literally.

Carmela and Eric have always believed that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade – and that’s exactly what they did after learning that Carmela needed a heart transplant.

Magdalena Cabrera knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the equation. She began donating blood with Stanford Blood Center in 1980. She did so knowing the importance of donating blood products when suddenly the tables turned in May 2013 when she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Mucosal Melanoma.

Robin thought she was the picture of health until the day she was on one of her daily runs and knew something was very wrong. She is a former nurse, a licensed physician’s assistant, a marriage and family therapist, and is in the process of completing her PhD in Depth Psychology. So several years ago it came as a shock when Robin was the one who needed help. This is Robin’s SBC story.

At three years old, little Austin was diagnosed with Stage IV Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare (yet often treatable) cancer. Over the course of the year, Austin received numerous blood transfusions and chemo treatments. Today, he is a funny, sweet and beautiful four-year-old, living cancer-free, and charming everyone he meets.

Galen “G” Dahl, 13, is much like any other 7th grader. He loves skiing, math, jumping on his trampoline, video games and his dog, Flash. He is a self-confessed Harry Potter fanatic who enjoys hanging out with his buddies. One would never know just by looking at him that underneath the shirt he wore to school he bares a large scar from a heart transplant performed eleven years ago.

Kendralyn and Cole are childhood sweethearts who both experienced separate life-threatening childhood injuries. Thanks to blood donors, they received the blood products they needed to survive.

Aria was born with a rare blood disorder but beat the odds thanks in part to blood donors. By donating blood with Stanford Blood Center, you can help patients like Aria.

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