Donor Testing Laboratory

The Donor Testing Lab (DTL) at Stanford Blood Center performs all required testing for blood products that will be used for transfusion. Testing is performed each time a donor donates a unit of blood. If any test is reactive or positive, it is sent for further testing to verify the test results.

In addition, the DTL serves as the West Coast testing lab for the National Blood Testing Cooperative, a group of almost 20 blood centers who have joined together to offer high quality, low cost testing services throughout the United States. As part of NBTC, the Donor Testing Lab is able to provide blood donor screening and specialty testing services to independent blood centers and hospital systems.

The tests our lab currently performs for donor screening are: 

  • ABO/Rh
  • Hepatitis panel (incl. hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B core antibody, hepatitis C antibody, hepatitis B DNA, hepatitis C RNA)
  • HIV 1,2 antibody and HIV RNA
  • HTLV-1,2 antibody
  • Syphillis antibody (TPPA)
  • West Nile RNA
  • T. cruzi antibody test (first donation only)
  • CMV antibody

In addition to these tests, the Donor Testing Lab can offer a range of testing services for transfusable or non-transfusable products, including:

  • Standard donor screening panels
  • Non-standard donor screening services
  • Genotyping
  • Phenotyping
  • White blood cell testing / QC
  • Clinical testing services (donor testing for clinical studies)

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Infectious Disease Testing Lab Leadership

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Dan Gross
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Suchi Pandey, SBC's newest Medical Director

Dr. Suchi Pandey
Chief Medical Officer

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Dr. Tho Pham
Chief Medical Officer