Flow Cytometry Lab


Flow cytometry research is almost always unique to each lab and investigator, so constant guidance in methodology setup is required, such as changes in laser configuration and wavelength needed.  We provide guidance and training to staff, students, post docs, and scientists in setting up research methodology, antibody choices/combination and better use of flow cytometry instrumentation.

The flow cytometry laboratory provides testing for daily quality control run of blood products. Immunophenotyping assay is also provided in patients for clinical research. This testing requires the lab to be CLIA certified so it is critical to have the documentation ready for CAP guidelines and inspection.

Other services offered based on individual needs are discussed with the flow cytometry manager.

Services Offered

  • Consultation on experimental design and panel design using Multiparameter flow cytometry
  • Multicolor Flow Cytometry analysis
  • Flow Cytometry sorting
  • Flow Cytometry sorting with cell prep
  • T cell subset analysis
  • Total lymphocyte subsets (TBNK)
  • Cell isolation and cryopreservation
  • Cytokine testing
  • Immunophenotyping:
    • Total lymphocyte subsets (TBNK)
    • T cells and TH cell subsets
    • T regulatory cells
    • Total B cells and B cells subsets
    • Dendritics cells and subsets
    • Macrophages and Monocytes
    • NK cells
    • iNKT cells
    • Stem cell (CD34) enumeration


Instrumentation for FACS Analysis and FACS sorting:

  • BD LSRII equipped with UV, violet, blue, yellow green and red lasers (18 parameters)
  • BD FACSAria II equipped with violet, blue and red lasers  (14 parameters)
  • BD FACSCantoII equipped with blue, red and violet lasers (10 parameters)

We offer a variety of testing, not limited to what is stated above. You may contact the Flow Cytometry supervisor for your specific needs. E-mail: lornat@stanford.edu


  • We are observing regular hours of operation (see below).


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Routine Product Standing Orders (Current Customers)

Pickups: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 8:30 pm
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Billing Information

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