January 24, 2019 at 9:01 am

What is plasma used for? Much like platelets, plasma helps to induce clotting and control bleeding. However, it does this through different mechanisms and many of the clotting factors found in plasma are made from the liver.  Therefore, although both plasma and platelets both help to control bleeding, they are sometimes used for different patient populations, depending on what the patient’s underlying disease.

How long does donating plasma take? Donations take 45-50 minutes.

How often can I donate plasma? You can donate plasma every four weeks. However, there is a limit to only 12 plasma donations each year.

Is there any special preparation required to donate plasma? To donate plasma, please remember to increase fluid and calcium intake, as well as iron.

Is plasma type-specific? Yes, plasma is transfused to patients based on blood type, so we categorize plasma as type A, B, O or AB. Since type AB is universal plasma, meaning it can be transfused to any patient, we are always looking for more plasma donors with AB- or AB+ blood type. We are also currently growing our A plasma donor program.

Where can I donate plasma? Plasma donations are accepted at all three of our donor centers.

How do I make an appointment to donate? To make an appointment to donate plasma, give us a call at 650-723-7831.

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