Blood in Pop Culture

Blood is not only a living fluid that keeps us healthy — it’s also the subject of many pop culture references! From Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” chart-topping hit to the popularity of blood facials, blood pops up all the time in ways we often don’t even notice. To bring more attention to how central blood is to our daily lives, we’re hosting an eight-week “Blood in Pop Culture” challenge this July and August on Facebook and Instagram!

How to Participate

Each Monday, we will post on our Facebook and Instagram a new challenge for that week, Monday through Friday. To complete the challenge, by 5PM that Friday, you’ll need to:

  • post whatever the challenge asks for on your own Facebook or Instagram;
  • tag Stanford Blood Center;
  • use the hashtag #givebloodSBC; and
  • be sure that your account privacy settings allow us to view your page* so we can give you credit!

At the end of each Friday, we will close out that week’s challenge and collect the names of everyone who participated by answering the pop culture question of the week. From that pool, we will randomly select a winner for that week’s prize, to be announced that next Monday following the challenge week! It’s really that simple!

Need some extra inspiration? Each Thursday, we will be posting a blog on the given theme to help give you some background and ideas on the topic, so be sure to check out throughout the challenge.

*Note: What qualifies as a public account may vary based on the social media platform you use. If you aren’t sure we’re seeing what you post, just message us and we will check for you.


The Eight Weeks
Week 1: Post a song you like that mentions “blood” in the title or lyrics!

Week 2: Post a link to your favorite recipe that uses blood oranges — or make up your own!

Week 3: Post a picture with your favorite drink that is either the color of blood or has blood in the name!

Week 4: Post a picture with your favorite book that is either about blood or has blood in the title!

Week 5: Post a clip from your favorite movie that has blood in its title! Extra kudos if you can find one that is not a horror film.

Week 6: Post your favorite reference to or use of blood in a play or musical!

Week 7: Post your favorite idiom that references blood! (e.g., blood is thicker than water, makes my blood boil)

Week 8: Take the final “Blood in Pop Culture” quiz and post your results!


What You Could Win

Week 1:  Bluetooth headphones

Week 2: Baskin Robbins coupon

Week 3: SBC stainless steel travel mug

Week 4: SBC canvas tote bag

Week 5: Pair of Cinemark movie tickets

Week 6: SBC fountain pen

Week 7: See’s Candy gift certificate

Week 8: Zip-up SBC hoodie


Nope! You can post on either Facebook or Instagram.

Yes! Just makes sure you use the hashtag and tag us, as mentioned above.

Check out links to all of our social channels on our social media toolkit page.

You can participate for as many weeks as you’d like! Each week is its own mini challenge, so feel free to pick and choose which you’d like to join in on, and you’ll be entered for that week’s raffle.

All are welcome (though of course, we’d love it if you donated, too)! There are no special qualifications to participate, so feel free to invite your friends!

Each person can be entered into each weekly raffle only once (for a total of eight entries throughout the two-month challenge).

Each Monday we will reveal the previous week’s winner on our social media channels and will reach out to you either via social media direct message or by way of the email address you have listed on your SBC donor portal.

Yes! Winning one week does not exclude you from prize drawings in later weeks.

In order to be entered into the prize drawing, you will need to post on your own Facebook or Instagram (stories are okay) and follow the steps above. Commenting on an SBC post does not count as an entry.