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Jill's Story


December 6, 2014 8:02 pm Published by Comments Off on Jill

At Daly, we all waited for the day when we got to go to the smelly, cramped wrestling gym to donate blood. It was as much a rite of passage as getting your driver’s license. From there, I progressed to...

Greg's Story


December 6, 2014 5:14 pm Published by Comments Off on Greg

After a courageous 8-year battle against [non-Hodgkin’s] lymphoma, my father, 65, succumbed to MDS, a blood disease for which there was no treatment in 2001. I learned about and began donating platelets when he was diagnosed, and continue to donate...

Emileigh's Story


December 6, 2014 5:05 pm Published by Comments Off on Emileigh

I started donating blood at the Leigh High School blood drive! The nurse who helped me told me facts about how many people need blood to survive! I felt so good knowing that I was saving lives by simply donating...


December 6, 2014 5:00 pm Published by Comments Off on Elizabeth

[I have] Always enjoyed helping the community. Taking time to help others does not need to be time consuming or costly… [I] do not have much of either. People need help, I am glad I can help… 1 hour every...


December 6, 2014 4:53 pm Published by Comments Off on Elaine

Care…Give… In the 1970s, my company had a blood drive… I’ve given ever since… Give when called… (o-Negative CMV) Give encouragement to others to give too… (A 5 Gallon Donor)


December 6, 2014 4:49 pm Published by Comments Off on Coral

The first time I had blood taken, I was eight years old. I wasn’t donating. I was finding out if the tumor that was near my spine was malignant. I was blessed in the fact that it was benign, but...


December 3, 2014 9:52 pm Published by Comments Off on Christin

I donated 1st when I was 18 years old because I felt it was the right thing to do. I was young, healthy, and able to do so to help others! My parents always let me know I had a...

Catherine's Story


December 3, 2014 9:44 pm Published by Comments Off on Catherine

In 2013 I had hip replacement surgery and my doctor had me donate 3 units of blood for my own use during surgery. It was then that I learned about donating platelets and that my blood type and blood were...

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Recognizing Donor Milestones

December 3, 2014 9:09 pm Published by Comments Off on Recognizing Donor Milestones

By Jennifer Chang Have you ever seen a donor wearing a fancy Stanford Blood Center T-shirt with shiny gold or silver foil lettering? We give out lots of shirts here at SBC, but these are ordered in pretty small quantities....