A+ Griffin

Type A+: The Griffin

December 30, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Like the mighty griffin, whose image has historically served as a mark of leadership, your blood type leads the way in terms of population, making up 35.7% in the US. But don’t let your blood’s common nature fool you. Like the griffin who guards gold and other valuables, you hold very precious blood products for all the A and O individuals who can receive your donations. Looking to put your healing claws to extra good use? Your blood type is well-suited for apheresis platelet donations or double red blood cell donations.


Is one of the most common and, consequently, most transfused blood types — 35.7% of the US population has type A+ Can give blood products to types A+ and AB+ and receive all A and O types Is an ideal whole blood, double red blood cell or apheresis platelet donor Donation type is based on…