Convalescent Plasma From Recovered COVID-19 Patients

Stanford Blood Center’s exciting COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) program involves taking plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients and transfusing that plasma into hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the hopes that the antibodies present in the donated plasma will help save the lives of the recipients.

We recommend reading the FAQs below as well as the related press release from America’s Blood Centers about the national need for CCP. If you would like to see if you are eligible to participate, please click the button below to answer a few questions that will help us determine if you are a candidate.

How can I sign up to participate?

Thank you for your interest! You can fill out the form to apply to donate convalescent plasma. Please note that additional follow-up may be needed after you have filled out the form. Due to the high level of interest we’ve received thus far, we will reach out to you if you are a potential candidate. If you have questions or need additional support, please reach out to or call 650-723-6667.

NEW: $50 Visa Gift Card Promotion!

As COVID-19 cases spike throughout the Bay Area, local patients still battling COVID-19 have a critical need for CCP. As a thank-you to CCP donors who are stepping up during this period of increased need, we are offering a $50 Visa gift card to anyone who has recovered from COVID-19, fills out the intake form on this page, is accepted into the CCP program and shows up at their appointed donation time once they have scheduled with us. This promotion will last December 28, 2020 through February 28, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Convalescent Plasma

The FDA recently approved a process that allows individuals who have already recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma for patients who are ill from COVID-19, in the hopes that the recovered patients’ antibodies will help the current patients fight off the virus.

While CCP is still an investigational treatment, based on initially promising results, the FDA has granted it EUA status. In effect, this will make it easier for COVID-19 patients to gain access to CCP through their care teams since they will no longer have to go through the multiple pre- and post-transfusion requirements for the Expanded Access Protocol. This will likely increase demand for plasma across the United States, so it is more important than ever that those who have recovered from COVID-19 and are able to donate make a commitment to giving back with CCP.

While preliminary results of convalescent plasma transfusions have been promising, it is not guaranteed that these transfusions will work consistently just yet. Multiple large academic centers in the U.S., including Stanford Medicine, are working on clinical trials, which are needed to determine the effectiveness of this treatment. The COVID-19 outbreak has been unprecedented in many ways, and right now our healthcare system is working as quickly as possible to adapt and use the most effective methods we have at our disposal to save the most lives. We are hopeful that convalescent plasma will improve the clinical outcome of patients with COVID-19.

The process for collecting convalescent plasma is the same as a regular apheresis plasma collection, though these collections will primarily take place at our Palo Alto location (3373 Hillview Avenue). Those who are interested in donating will be contacted by our Special Donations team, who will confirm that they qualify for donation and, if so, will schedule them for an appointment. Since plasma donations are a type of automated blood collection, the donation process will involve the use of a special machine that draws whole blood, retains plasma (the volume collected depends on the donor’s weight), and returns the rest of the blood products back to the donor. In this way, we can ensure we are collecting the most of what patients really need. Plasma donations typically take one to two hours.

According to the AABB and FDA guidelines, prospective donors must meet the following criteria:

  • Have had a positive test for COVID-19 or have lab evidence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.
  • Have been recovered and symptom-free for at least 14 days.
    • If only symptom-free for 14-28 days, donors will be asked to retake a COVID-19 test at no cost to the donor. This repeat test must be negative to be eligible to donate.
    • If symptom free for 28 days or more, a negative COVID-19 test is NOT required.
  • Meet our usual blood donor eligibility requirements, which can be found at

No, convalescent plasma donors must have a negative COVID-19 test or be 28 days or more symptom free in order to be eligible to donate which decreases the risk of possible exposure to the virus.

We recommend reviewing America’s Blood Centers’ donation site locator, which allows you to conveniently search center locations by zip code. You can also utilize resources by The Fight Is In Us to find a donation site. We encourage you to prioritize community blood centers as much as possible since they have a direct connection to local patients. Note that eligibility requirements may vary by donation site, so you should call ahead and discuss plasma donation with the center you choose.

Yes, plasma is transfused to patients based on blood type, so we categorize plasma as type A, B, O or AB. Since type AB is universal plasma, meaning it can be transfused to any patient, we are especially always on the lookout for more plasma donors with AB- or AB+ blood type!

For current information about SBC’s COVID-19 response, please visit


At this time, we are working to provide COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) to healthcare institutions that have patients in need; however, we are limited in terms of the amount of CCP available. We are ramping up collections and distributing CCP as quickly as possible based on the availability of product. If you would like to order plasma to support a specific patient at this time, we invite you to fill out the below order form and fax it to 650-724-5304. A member of our team will follow up with you to determine if we are able to provide CCP.

Additionally, if you’d like more information to share with your hospital teams or patients regarding CCP, please view the hospital providers PDF and patients/caregivers PDF provided by the FDA following the emergency use authorization.