Green Donor

A Tree for Every Donation

This April, SBC donors will have a little extra “spring” in their step!

Not only are we working with Forestmatic to plant a tree for every donation in Uganda, but donors will also have a chance to win an amazing package of outdoor goodies that will encourage camping trips and nature walks for years to come.

By the end of April, we will also be adding the ability to convert Donor Loyalty Store points into trees planted in California, so those who wish to continue to double their impact can do so all year round.


Why Uganda?

Deforestation is a serious problem around the world, but especially in Uganda. According to Forestmatic, over the past three decades, more than half of all of Uganda’s forest land has been completely cut down. Not only does this have harmful impacts on the ecological diversity, but also on the people of Uganda, 85% of whom rely on healthy soil — which is enriched by forest environments — to grow crops for themselves and their families.

To help rebuild this precious ecosystem, for every blood donation made April 1–30, SBC will contribute funds to plant one tree in Uganda. Not only do April donors have their own tree planted, but they also get to watch that tree grow using their unique tree ID. Your donation truly has local AND international impact!

Read more about Forestmatic and their incredible mission to combat climate change and support communities impacted by deforestation on their website.


How it works

Every Monday, SBC will email a unique tree code and instructions for viewing your tree to every donor who donated the week prior, beginning on Monday, April 8.  See below for the total carbon offset for all donations made. If you haven’t received your tree code, please contact us at

How Do I See My Tree?

Can’t find your code? Email us at, and we’ll send it to you.

Once you have your code, visit and enter your tree code at the top of the tracker in the search box. Make sure the “Search by Tree ID” option is toggled on.

Yeti, Set, Go Donate!

Join us in making a lifesaving difference this April with our “Yeti, Set, Go Donate” promotion! Donate blood at any of our centers or mobile drives for your chance to win an amazing Yeti Cooler packed with Yeti and SBC items.

#GreenDonor Badge

This April, you can get your “Green Donor” badge for coming in to donate and logging into the app between April 1-30. Collect more badges and share with friends via the app as well. When you show off your achievement, you’ll encourage others to donate, too!

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