Make an Appointment to Donate Blood

Whether you plan to donate at a mobile blood drive or one of our convenient center locations, we look forward to seeing you!

There are two easy ways to make an appointment:

1. By phone. You can call our friendly staff at 888-723-7831

2. Online. Visit

New Donors

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Returning Donors

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Helpful hint: After your first donation, remember to return to to finish setting up your online donor account. You can log in to your SBC donor account after each donation to check your health information, see when you are eligible to donate again, and redeem points for thank you gifts in our rewards store.

Not sure if you are eligible to donate? We can help.

Donors must:

  • be at least 17 years of age (16-year-olds may donate blood with a parent/guardian’s consent). California law requires anyone under the age of 17 to have a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to donate. Donors under the age of 17 should bring the completed consent form (05-FX1) when registering to donate. The consent form can be obtained online here, at a Stanford Blood Center donor center, Stanford Blood Center community blood drive, or from your high school blood drive coordinator.
  • weigh at least 110 pounds for donors 19 or older (Donors under 19-see height/weight requirements)
  • be free of cold and flu symptoms (allergies ok; as are most medications)
  • eat before donating and drink plenty of fluids
  • bring photo ID
  • fill out a Medical History Questionnaire (which will be provided at the time of your donation) and discuss answers confidentially with a Medical Historian

For more in-depth deferral information, please visit: Learn More

You can also visit our FAQ page to get answers to some of the most common questions related to blood donation: Get the FAQs.

Why donate?

Every donation counts.
Your donation directly impacts members of our community. Local donors help local patients.

Did you know?

Only 38% of the general population is eligible to donate, but fewer than 10% of those eligible actually do.
That is why it is so important that those eligible to donate do so.