Easy ways to inspire new donors

August 14, 2013 at 11:04 am

Some of our dedicated blood and platelet donors tell us they wish they could help us bring new donors into our centers. We are grateful for this kind of help! Below, we have a few ideas to share that could help inspire new donors.

  • Try to bring a friend new to donating each time you come in, and encourage them to share the same message with their own friends and families.
Sam Alvis wore his SBC jersey in the 2012 Lighthouse Century ride in San Luis Obispo

Sam Alvis wore his SBC jersey in the 2012 Lighthouse Century ride in San Luis Obispo

  • Send us photos when you wear your SBC t-shirts and gear around town, or when you travel — we love sharing your photos on our website and Facebook. And milestone donors, please wear your milestone t-shirts frequently. They are excellent conversation starters!
  • Bring friends and family in to donate for special milestone occasions, like birthdays. Or, give blood in honor of a special friend or family member on their birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.
  • Organize a center blood drive! Do you have a club, or a group of colleagues, friends, or family members that might be just the right size for a center blood drive (under 20 people)?
  • Let us know why you started donating. If you have a friend or a family member who has received a blood or platelet transfusion, ask them if they’d consider sharing their story with us to help inspire other donors.
  • When you hear that we’re low on a certain blood type, please share our messages with friends and family. Ask friends and relatives if they know their blood type, and encourage them to donate.
  • Help us share the word that donating blood is not too hard and doesn’t take too long — and that the knowledge you helped save a life outweighs any inconvenience.

Thank you all for the countless ways that you help support our lifesaving mission. We appreciate all of our donors, volunteers, and partners!