Glenys Chow holding 200 sign

Glenys Chow: Reflecting on 200 Donations

June 16, 2022 at 8:24 am

Here at SBC, we love to celebrate our incredible milestone donors and the impact they’ve had on helping support patients in our community. Glenys Chow recently made her 200th donation at our Mountain View center. Ross Coyle, Public Relations Officer, interviewed the Mountain View resident about what inspires her to donate blood and what keeps her coming back all these years.


What does your 200th blood donation mean to you?
Reaching my 100th donation was a great milestone (and I enjoyed my first Precious Mettle event, I met so many inspiring people), yet at 200, I feel like a pro! Seriously, it is a great honor.


What led you to donate blood the first time?
I started donating in the late 1990s through SBC’s mobile blood drives at our work. It was a good thing to do and quite easy. Then in 2014, I started donating platelets at the suggestion of one of SBC’s very long-time donors (also a colleague), and haven’t looked back.


Why do you donate?
Honestly, because I can. And will! It’s an honor to be with such a phenomenal group of people (whom I consider friends) working at the Blood Center. The team is amazing. It wouldn’t be the same without them.


What keeps you coming back all these years?
Being able to hang out with the terrific people of SBC. I’m so proud knowing that, together, we are helping others.


Did you ever think you’d be donating so long that you would reach 200 donations?
I did not! I know I won’t ever catch up with the person who got me started donating, but it’s still fun getting there. On my way to 300!


What has the experience been like for you?
This has been a wonderful experience, except for having to watch what I eat for a few days prior. Some days that is hard, but knowing you’re helping others is quite rewarding.


What was the motivation behind starting to donate platelets?
The friend who got me started and the “sign of approval” (my eligibility) from SBC. I found out I have a high platelet count. Who knew?!


What would your advice be to those individuals who may be on the fence about donating blood for the first time?
Donating blood is quick and so easy. It’s easy enough to say “don’t look” (yet it could be difficult to convince the needle-adverse). Those team members and nurses at SBC are very careful and caring and want a positive experience for you! And for me, donating platelets gives me purpose knowing I’m helping save lives. It’s easy to give a few hours of your time every other week knowing you’re making a difference.