Monday movie madness

SBC Goes Big With Summer Movie Madness

June 22, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Let’s all go to the movies! This summer, we are expanding our Monday movie tickets to all centers, all donation types, all day!

Summer months often leave blood centers without enough inventory to meet patient needs and Monday mornings continue to be important to the community blood supply; hospitals order the units they will need at the beginning of each week.

During high school season, many of these needed blood products are collected at high school blood drives. During the summer, however, we lose these precious opportunities to collect the blood needed for local patients. That’s why we need you, your friends, family, and coworkers to come in this summer and help us support our partner hospitals.

To thank you for coming in when we need you most, we’ll give you one Cinemark Theaters movie ticket. Our usual Monday movie ticket promotion will only be extended for the summer months, so be sure to make your appointments before seats fill up!

So be sure to visit any center now through September 4th to for your free Cinemark movie ticket and enjoy a summer movie on us! Make your appointment online at or by calling 888-723-7831.