Valentine’s Day Haikus

February 14, 2011 at 9:33 am


By Donors & Friends of SBC

We asked for your best Valentine’s Day haikus…

And that we received!

What a great compilation.

Blood donors are sweet 🙂

Thankfully, your submissions are much better than that! Here they are, in no particular order:

The love you offer

It’s what’s inside

The wrapping, precious

Karen Kneedler

I have enough blood

To give a pint tomorrow.

And in 8 weeks too.

Life giving logic:

You can’t get blood from a stone.

So get it from me.

I’m the type for you,

As in type O positive.

Happy Valentine’s.

Mark Papamarcos

DRBC me…

Double the amount of good.

Where is my cookie?

Thomas Bramwell

New life blooms in spring

Lines form at the blood mobile

Great expectations

Autumn of one’s years

Does not discourage donors

Old blood gives new life

Love is in the air

Strong hearts pump with great passion

The new blood that flows

Two hearts beat strongly

One alive with a new gift

The other new joy

Cathy Lego

My blood: life and gift

For myself and those in need

Still hate the needle

Susan Weedon

Pregnancy was fun

But childbirth was near-fatal

Thanks for all the blood

Lauren Larsen

Blood is life

Just as the human

To the child

Green fields

Blue sky evening

Red brings warmth


Does today matter

Without you

Jeff Owen

My heart would have stopped

and my final breath of air

saved by a small drop

It is in your blood

to donate blood to the loss

gift of second chance

It is Christmas eve

and do not know what to give

but my wife needs blood

Leonard Siew

Each beat of my heart

circulates life-giving blood

to someone in need.

By donating blood,

I share my health with others

and celebrate life.

Old ABC machines

kept you from scratching your nose.

One-arm machines rock!

Donate blood and get

apples, coffee, and cookies.

Blue platelet special!

When I give platelets,

all of the blood center staff

are gentle and kind.

Lia Adams

What is mine is not

It is for any who need

To recycle life

Steve Honey

Open loving heart

Abundance, bliss, light and calm

Enjoy and relish

Dance Fairy

It is a tiny pipe,

out of my veins.

Our hearts are talking.

I love you!

Reza Satrap

Blood flows inside me

A simple gift I can give

Renew life, give hope

Oh what a notion

An hour spent in a chair

Will save others’ lives

What if it were me

Laying, trying to survive

I’d wish for your help

Just one needle prick

Then snickerdoodles galore

Saving lives is fun!

Everyone can be

A hero to a stranger

Give at SBC

Beylah Redke

We watch you suffer

Pain cannot really be shared

They tell me this helps

Why should I bother?

Not kith, not kin, just strangers.

Love can be quiet.

each time they wound me

Yet still I keep coming back

And I leave content


Happy is the man

Who donates with his partner

Two can save many

Patients need our blood.

We donate blood together.

We all live long lives.

Blood means life

Life means more to me

Thanks to you

Gift of blood

We donate today

Gift of life

We met and knew it then dear

Donating blood was part of our lives

Thanks for a wonderful life.

You and I both know

Platelet donors are special

Now I feel special

Scary to give blood?

Phlebotomists are awesome!

I’ll donate again.

Platelets are needed

Special donors needed too

Paul, you are special

I watch you squeeze your left hand.

Pumping blood to save a precious life

Will your left hand wear my ring?

Squeezing your left hand

Pumping to save precious lives.

New ring for left hand?

I watch you donate blood

You save many lives today

My heart swells with pride

When donating blood

Think of those you help today

Come again next month

Kathy Miller

Sometimes feared and shunned

Ignored until it’s needed

The ultimate gift

Days are crowded, full

Work and friends and errands call

One hour saves one life

A heart filled with love

Touches many hopeless lives

Share your blood today

Red gifts from the heart

What better Valentine than

A pint of yourself?

Sheila Scobba Banning

Ah, precious platelet

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Pass my love along!

Meant for each other

Earnest marrow testing, and

Now… phenotype match!

Golden donor smile

My living blood relatives?

I must have hundreds!

My pampered arm veins

Vera’s doing the needles

Phlebotomy snob.

Eight weeks, nine seconds

Passed since my last donation

…who could be calling?

Stay well hydrated

Leave pet mosquito in cage

Nix Guam safari

All of those movies

That I never would have seen

But for platelet days

Got my routine down.

The donation’s not over

‘Till I taste the POG

Long term awareness

‘Golden Donor’ means you know

Much more is needed!

Duff Howell

From your veins come forth

donations vital to all.

Your kindness saves lives.

It’s never too late

to change someone’s life for good.

Give a valentine.

Natalie Romano

A huge thank-you to all the authors for submitting your poems.