Catherine's Story


December 3, 2014 at 9:44 pm

In 2013 I had hip replacement surgery and my doctor had me donate 3 units of blood for my own use during surgery. It was then that I learned about donating platelets and that my blood type and blood were perfect for platelet donation to help people with compromised immunities. I have been giving platelets ever since when I could donate. I have given 50 donations since 2003 and there have been numerous times I was called and asked to come in because I was a match to someone who really needed my help.

Every time I donate, I say a short prayer for the person(s) who will receive my platelets.  I am hoping that they will get better and become fully restored to perfect health and be able to spend many more days, weeks, years, with their loved ones. And maybe someday they will be able to give back to someone else who also needs help.