Donation Frequency Programs: Four Seasons & Ten Times

June 25, 2014 at 8:00 am

By Julie Peachey

Four Seasons Club
Are you on track to earn your Four Seasons T-shirt this year? It’s simple. All donors who give blood at least four times in a calendar year will have the option to order a collectible T-shirt.

Upon reaching your fourth donation (or second if you’re a DRBC donor), we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to order your collectible shirt.
Be sure we have your email address on file by logging on to your donor account. Check under My Profile to verify. You will also be able to review your total number of donations so far this year to make sure you’re on track.

A new style
This year, we debut our sleek new short-sleeved model: great for warm weather and appropriate for donation day. 

The images below show the new design, front and back, for 2014.

Four Seasons Shirt

One of our most popular programs, we ship out about 2,500 shirts each year. We encourage folks to wear their shirts when they donate as a fun way to get involved and inspire others to reach the same milestone.

Ten Times in 2014
We also have a special gift available for those who give blood at least ten times in a calendar year. The item will change each year and for 2014, we’re offering a travel picnic blanket.













If you haven’t yet met one of these milestones this year, schedule an appointment in the coming weeks. During your appointment, you can schedule your next donation (or more!) before the close of the year.

Questions? Please call our Marketing Communications team at 650-736-7786 or send a note to