Giving Blood Works

September 14, 2011 at 4:15 pm


By Amanda Baker, Communications Intern, Stanford Blood Center

On Tuesday, Stanford Blood Center (SBC) hosted an encore of the Giving Blood Works promotion at our Hillview Center. This event brought together donors, recruiters, and career counselors for an evening including a networking techniques seminar, a chance to meet with recruiters from local companies, and an opportunity to sign up for half-hour resume critiques with career experts Lisa Stotlar and Ellen Shulman from CareerGenerations.

Ellen and Lisa.jpg

Giving Blood Works was Stanford Blood Center’s way of giving back to donors who have donated blood and helped save the lives of patients in local hospitals. “The intent of this event was for SBC to be relevant to its donor base, given the continued high unemployment in the area,” explained Marketing Manager John Williams. “We were looking for a win-win situation, and we feel that we achieved this last night by connecting blood donors with potential employers, providing the latest tools for jobseekers, and most importantly, providing the blood products for local patients.”


Many attendees have been donors with Stanford Blood Center for many years, and others, like Lana Foladare, were inspired to become regular blood donors after getting acquainted with SBC at the event. “I’m going to come back,” Lana said, pledging to become a loyal donor, “I’m going to give blood over and over by making it a priority.”

Another attendee commented, “This event was everything that I had hoped for,” and many others voiced their gratification and positive feedback. Thank you to the speakers, recruiters, educators, and donors who attended, and thank you for your commitment to helping save lives!

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