Heartfelt Haiku

February 21, 2012 at 10:49 am

By Donors & Friends of SBC

Last year for Valentine’s Day, we asked you to write haiku poems for those closest to your heart. The response was better than anticipated so we asked for your poems again this year, this time to be written about donating blood and the patients who are fortunate to receive it. In addition to sharing them below, we’ve turned your three-line works of “heart” into cards, to be delivered to patients at the Palo Alto VA Hospital later this week.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year! Here are the submissions, in no particular order:

We are all human

My blood I give with kindness

Happy thoughts of unseen smiles

– Shannon Weaver

Life force rushes forth

Benefiting those in need

Then, replenishes

– Kimberly Cope

Hope you are infused

With love, light, laughter, and hope

As well as this blood

– Anne Wiley

When you hear stories

Of folks who have needed blood

You want to donate

– Josette Walian

Between life and death

our home and the hospital

We smile and we cry ❤

I went for treatment

And I was prescribed haiku

Now I feel so fine

– Jeff Bravo

Pinch! Relax, wait, dream

Life river flows from my arm

Blind love gift binds us

– Mark Papamarcos

Happy to donate BLOOD

Makes me feel good about GIVING

Patients longer LIFE

– Jerry Childers

A small prick in arm

is all it takes to really

make a difference

Just a little bit

means a great deal to someone

It’s only my blood

– Leslie C. Gordon

Her face in my mind

The chemo killing her cells

The blood restoring

– Donna Andresen Araiza

A few minutes in a chair

My gift to you

Good karma for me (and POG)

– Gary Davis

Liquid red lasso

A quoit knotted by the heart

Rescues a stranger

– George Krompacky

Love is in the air

New blood is in the veins

There is ebb and flow – all is well!

– Karen Kneedler

Life’s rhythm and blues

Sharing blood ensures new life

Pumping love and soul

– Antonio Nuñez

My blood is now yours

Dear friend, we are connected

Sharing cherished life

One gives, one receives

New blood, energy and life

Let’s all seize the day!

– America Reyes

Platelets and plasma

It’s all golden

Small gift for POG

– Dominic Wang

Saturday mornings

Drive to the Center

Platelets to save lives

– Dennis Feick