Life is Precious

April 4, 2012 at 11:17 am

By Tim Gilmore, Blood Drive Account Manager, Stanford Blood Center

Last year, my cousin’s husband, Darren, became extremely ill. He was rushed to a hospital in Central California but after days of declining health, doctors decided that he needed to be taken by medevac to Stanford Hospital. Upon his arrival, he was met by world-class physicians who rushed to diagnose his symptoms. After being stabilized at Stanford, his health started to improve and we learned that he had leukemia. He started a treatment plan immediately and began receiving numerous blood products.

When I visited Darren in the hospital, as a concerned family member and not a Stanford Blood Center employee, I was overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and helplessness. But seeing a blood bag that might have come from one of the blood drives I helped coordinate, I was immediately overtaken with a sense of pride. I feel honored to be a part of Stanford Blood Center and its mission.

Unfortunately, Darren lost his battle with cancer a week after arriving at Stanford, only two weeks after being hospitalized. I share this story as a reminder of how precious and unpredictable life is. Donors like you help keep blood on the shelves and ready to go, whether its use is planned or unexpected. Please take pride in your role as a blood donor. You’re truly changing lives!