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Recent Milestone Donors

January 14, 2021 at 10:32 pm

As is our tradition with our winter PULSE editions, we like to give a special shout-out to all donors who have reached a milestone since our last publication (in this case, between December 1, 2019, and November 15, 2020). Your dedication and your impact on saving lives is beyond measure!

100 Donations

Catherine Anderson
Craig Barker
Cheryl Basinger
Shannon Berendes
James Bockholt
Robert Bollier
Claudia Buchner
Craig Champion
Catherine Chandler
Mary Chow
Charles Clark
Donna Clarke
Clement Dickey
Stephen Elrick
Dean Endo
Robert Fazo
Werner Field
Charles Garwin
Herbert Gong
Mary Hanrahan
Arthur Hardee
Linda Heiple
Christopher Heiser
Robert Higa
Alvin Hironaga
Alan Hubbard
Ryan Johnson
Paul King
Karey Krauter
Kenneth Ledbetter
Joshua Lipp
David Marks
Susan Mcmahon
William Menkin
Gordon Mitchard
Mark Nelson
Catherine Noonan
Douglas Olson
Catherine Palter
Kelley Prebil
Michael Randel
Keith Reckdahl
Timothy Schacher
Shelly Segall
Erika Shue
JW Smith
George Stevens
Dennis Symanski
Eric Tannenwald
Robert Tompkins
Kenneth Valenzuela
James Vanpernis
Kathy Wimble
Arnim Wolter
May Yasui 


200 Donations

Edward Gory
David Heintzelman
Sandra Hinzmann
David Lemire
Thomas Macauley
Kevin Moeller
John Murayama
Raymond Normantas
Robert Ouye
Hussain Saribeiklou
Sharon Storm
Susan Watkins
Curtis Weil
Gregory Woodward 


300 Donations

Daniel Barritt
Hilary Hart
John Mendoza
Rafael Ornes
Shelley Shostak
Edward Wallace 


400 Donations

Jeffrey Alford
Raghavendra Loka
Ronald Mancini
Mary Snedden


500 Donations

Ben Brian
Joseph Michael 


600 Donations

Fred van den Haak
Thomas Welch 


700 Donations

Eric Buhr 


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