Special delivery

November 14, 2013 at 7:49 pm

By Deanna Bolio

Part of Stanford Blood Center’s mission is to connect donors with patients, which is why we frequently share updates about blood usage at our hospitals and stories from blood recipients we meet. At this year’s Stanford Blood Center all-staff retreat, we emphasized connecting staff to patients, as well.

SBC employees delivering gift bags (Photo by Norbert von der Groeben)

SBC employees delivering gift bags (Photo by Norbert von der Groeben)

In a rewarding team-building activity, SBC employees broke into small groups to assemble gift bags for patients undergoing treatment at Stanford Cancer Center. The bags contained goodies such as journals, tea, and candy, as well as a card signed by each employee in the group. More than 200 gift bags were assembled.

Stanford Blood Center employees from different departments were selected to deliver bundles of goodie bags to the Cancer Center on November 5. The bright red bags overwhelmed the welcome desk.

SBC Employees prepare gift bags (Photo by Kevin O'Neill)

SBC Employees prepare gift bags (Photo by Kevin O’Neill)

“We never know the extent of what someone is going through,” said Kathryn Bailey, Administrative Director of the Cancer Care Program. “A little gift like this not only helps them feel connected, but gives them a little something to preoccupy themselves with.”

Many cancer patients receive blood transfusions during the course of their treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, platelet transfusions are commonly needed to replace cells lost due to chemotherapy drugs. Surgeries to treat cancer often result in a need for red blood cells as well as platelets.

Bailey said the gifts are likely to give a little boost to patients’ morale.

“Something like this reminds the patients that they’re cared for here at Stanford and in their journey,” she said.