Volunteer and donor in canteen

The Greener Canteen(er)

June 6, 2018 at 11:37 pm

You may notice a few changes next time you stop in to donate with us — specifically, some new offerings in our canteens! Thanks to all of the great feedback we’ve received on our donor survey, we are making some adjustments that will result in a healthier, greener, more consistently delicious post-donation experience.

What’s more, our donor center canteen display screens have been swapped for better hardware, and they have received a software upgrade that lets us quickly spot and diagnose any issues with our donor Wall of Fame.

What’s changing?

  • We’ve installed new display screens to showcase our Milestone donors, news and upcoming promotions
  • We are eliminating all plates, plastic utensils and plastic stirrers
  • We are eliminating coffee (except on request in centers) due to its diuretic quality, which is not ideal post-donation
  • We will be serving only decaf Lipton tea
  • We will be offering only regular sugar and Splenda; eliminating Sweet and Low and Equal
  • We will be offering the same snacks at both mobile drives and centers, consisting of:
    • Regular Sun Chips
    • Gluten-free General Mills Sea Salt Tortilla Chips
    • Pacific Cookie Company Cookies
    • Pretzels
    • String cheese
    • Carrots
    • Apple slices
  • We will be serving a smaller version of the cookies, but you can still have as many cookies as you like
  • We will be serving a larger variety of cookies from Pacific Cookie Company, including Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle and Dr. Midnight

What’s staying the same?

  • Don’t worry… we still have POG! Juice machines will remain in all centers, including the infamous Passion-Orange-Guava blend
  • We will continue to serve orange juice and water at mobile drives
  • We will have placemats and napkins available for all donors

We hope you enjoy the new, healthy offerings and environmental improvements! If you have feedback about your post-donation canteen experience, we hope you’ll take a moment to fill out our donor survey or reach out to us at sbcsupport@stanford.edu.