The Gift

July 3, 2012 at 11:06 am


A Poem by Gil Gonzales, Stanford Blood Center Donor

The greatest of gifts that costs nothing to give

A gift of hope that offers a family a sense of relief

Just a little of your time, so that another may live

A minor inconvenience that spares others major grief

Offering the gift of life from one’s own veins

For even the poorest of us can give this priceless gift

When all seems lost a gift of a future, where hope reigns

Where those emotionally down, are given a spiritual lift

One’s donation of a little blood, is to another a gift of life

The precious fluid of one, can be another’s only chance

Offering a glimmer of hope where once despair was rife

Allowing someone a chance, for their healing to advance

Blood is like a river of life, that flows within us one and all

And while most of us have the ability to give, still so few do

Donors are often sought, sadly few care to answer the call

The apathy of so many is a fact of life, unfortunately sad but true

I am proud to be a donor, it’s not too much to endure

Two hours once a month is a gift I willingly share

For any donation is a gift of hope, but not a magic cure

It means so much to families to know that others care

The feeling I get, knowing my gift meant so much to a family

A warmth derived from having helped save the life of another

Even though I’ll never know who, that’s fine with me

Hopefully a family will be blessed with a loved one’s recovery

To return a loved one to a family, is a feeling beyond compare

Be it a child or an adult, no greater feeling can one derive

For when we give blood, it is life itself that we share

What nobler cause can there be, but to help keep another alive

The veins in our bodies, like the veins in a mine

Can be harvested to save lives one drop at a time