Trish Leeper: Blood Drive Coordinator Extraordinaire

March 16, 2011 at 10:38 am

By Erin Crager, Marketing Intern, Stanford Blood Center

The purr of the Bloodmobile emits through crisp morning air. Parked just outside MIPS Technologies, its presence has become the norm here. Four times each year, blood drive coordinator Trish Leeper rallies the troops, spreading the word around the various departments of the company. Throughout the day, employees trickle out and make their way over to take their turn sitting in the reclined cardinal-red chairs.

Trish has the blood drive down to a science. Through posters, e-mails and word of mouth, she encourages employees to consider donating and routine donors to continue giving, always being mindful of her boundaries. “I’ll tease them if I see them in the hallway,” she says across a taupe conference table, taking time out of her busy day as director of human resources. Adding this responsibility to her job came naturally to Trish, as she’s accustomed to working closely with each of the MIPS employees.

Trish excels at her obligations as a blood drive coordinator. She, her husband, and two sons are regular donors at MIPS drives. She even makes sure to invite a neighboring company to participate, usually resulting in a few extra donors. For years, Trish and her account manager at Stanford Blood Center (SBC) have worked closely together to make this drive a success; something SBC has come to depend on to help save lives.

For more information on becoming a blood drive coordinator at your company or organization, please click here.