Type AB+: Dragon

December 24, 2019 at 1:22 pm

Dragons, a traditional sign of good fortune, are truly your animal: As the universal recipient, you can receive blood from any of the eight blood types! But as any noble dragon knows, giving to others is an important part of valor. You’re not just the universal whole blood recipient; you are also the universal plasma donor, meaning that you safeguard something truly valuable. As a rare species — only 3.4% of the US population — it’s essential that you donate plasma as often as possible to help those patients with bleeding disorders and traumatic injuries.


Is one of the rarest blood types — only 3.4% of the US population has type AB+ Is a universal recipient, meaning you can receive blood products of any blood type Is a universal plasma donor, meaning anyone with any blood type can receive your plasma Is an ideal whole blood or plasma donor Donation…