B+ spirit animal image

Type B+: Yeti

December 28, 2019 at 1:12 pm

Type B+ blood is one of the few blood types that is best suited to apheresis platelet donation, which can make donors a tad cold. Good thing you’re used to snowy mountaintops and come with a built-in winter coat! Like the yeti, who shies away from most humans, your blood group makes up only 8.5% of the US population. When you do emerge from your cave, it will be to help those other B+ and AB+ individuals who can accept your blood donations.


Is one of the rarest blood types — only 8.5% of the US population has type B+ Can give blood products to types B+ and AB+, and receive all B and O types Is an ideal whole blood, double red blood cell or apheresis platelet donor Donation type is based on what is best for…